Creating together is fun!

Attend online art classes and make new friends at

Creative Art Camp

Virtual camp for children
from 9 to 13 years


About us

The idea of ​​creating a virtual camp came to us after the introduction of quarantine due to covid. We stayed home with the kids and realized how important socialization is. Seeing that there was an opportunity to visit a regular camp online, we also decided to try to create a virtual camp.

The best thing about our camp is that it is creative. You can visit it once to inspire your child to be creative. Or visit regularly to be part of a community of creators from around the world. It is in childhood that the most loyal friends appear. And friends from other cities or countries will help the child to expand his worldview.

Join us and let’s create together!

Welcome to creative art camp

We love to teach
children to be creative

With us you will find new ones
friends all over the world

In our virtual camp, you will be able to discover the artist in yourself and immerse yourself in the world of art. we’ll introduce you to the tools and help you come up with themes for your projects

Creative mentors

Creative mentors who know how to get along with children

Community of creators

Here you will find friends and like-minded people

Virtual camp

You can join us from anywhere in the world


We teach in English and Ukrainian

At the moment, we have two language directions. The main group is English-speaking for European and American creative children. The second one is in Ukrainian and is free for Ukrainian children. We have: painting classes, drawing class and art classes.

Sessions and groups

Thematic classes as an idea for your creativity

Sessions are held monthly
and last two weeks

The group consists of 10 people so that the mentor can devote time to each child. We try to select groups of children of the same age so that children are interested in each other and can make new friends


Art classes

from September 12 to 23

Materials for work:

  • Set for drawing landscapes
  • Set for creating a notebook
  • Kit for creating a book
  • Set for creating posters and posters
Classes in Zoom
from October 17 to 28

Materials for work:

  • Set for creating a comic
  • Set for creating a herbarium from leaves
  • Set for Halloween decor
  • Set for creating posters and posters
Classes in Zoom

How it works

Start your creative journey with us in 4 simple steps.
Sign up for a session and let’s create cool projects together


Book a place in our camp

After booking, we will contact you and help you pay for the camp


Get ready for the session and buy what you need

The necessary materials are listed in the session description. There are also technical requirements and rules of conduct


Play a session with new friends

At the first lesson, you will meet new friends. Listen to lectures and practice together


Sign up for the next session

Congratulations! You have passed our session. Sign up for the next one so you don’t miss out on the fun

Everything you want to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Other questions can be found on the page Question. If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact us

The session lasts 2 weeks. Classes take place on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 20:00

For now, our sessions are only held on weekday afternoons

There are 3 classes of 1 hour per day. There are 30-minute breaks between classes. The schedule looks like this:
The first lesson is from 16:00 to 17:00
Second lesson – 17:30-18:30
The third lesson – 19:00-20:00

We do not have mandatory homework. But we give recommendations for what to do on the weekend, and you can also complement your work projects with your creations in your free time

We do not make video recordings based on our company’s privacy policy

The class requires a webcam and microphone so participants can communicate with each other and show their creativity online. Also, if the child has a question, he can ask the teacher and show it to the teacher

If you have more than one child, they will need separate accounts in our session as the teachers rate the activity and assign each child and their group

We have free classes for Ukrainian children to support them during the war.

Also, if you would like to register several children for the session, we can make a discount. The manager will answer this question in more detail after booking the session

If you are unable to participate in this session, you can return the payment up to 3 days before the start of the session. It is also possible to postpone the payment of the next session 3 days before the start

Yes, we use the Capm Organizer platform to run the camp. You will need to install the parent app so that you can conveniently view your children’s schedule and achievements