General questions

To book a session, you need to select a session and book it. After booking, we will contact you and help you pay for the session

The session lasts 2 weeks. Classes take place on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 20:00

Classes are held online in the Zoom program. During the lectures, the teacher talks about the topic of the session, and also shows how to create projects. Children create their projects under the supervision of a mentor. For active participation, children and their group receive points. Points are also awarded to everyone who was able to complete the project. Projects can be completed and added to at your leisure after class during the session

For now, our sessions are only held on weekday afternoons

There are 3 classes of 1 hour per day. There are 30-minute breaks between classes. The schedule looks like this:
The first lesson is from 16:00 to 17:00
Second lesson – 17:30-18:30
The third lesson – 19:00-20:00

We do not have mandatory homework. But we give recommendations for what to do on the weekend, and you can also complement your work projects with your creations in your free time

We recruit groups of up to 10 people so that the mentor can devote time to each child. There can be one or more groups at a session. We also try to group children by age so that they are interested in each other

If you have more than one child, they will need separate accounts in our session as the teachers rate the activity and assign each child and their group

Yes, we use the Capm Organizer platform to run the camp. You will need to install the parent app so that you can conveniently view your children’s schedule and achievements

Organizational questions

We conduct classes online. We use Zoom. To find out in which program the class is held, you need to go to your session, where the desired program will be indicated

You will need to install the Camp Organizer app (we will send you an installation link after paying for the session and enroll as a participant) and the program in which the session is taking place. As a rule, this is the Zoom program. We will send you the login link one hour before the session, and we will also duplicate it 5 minutes before the session starts

We do not make video recordings based on our company’s privacy policy

The class requires a webcam and microphone so participants can communicate with each other and show their creativity online. Also, if the child has a question, he can ask the teacher and show it to the teacher

Please, if you have the opportunity, notify us in advance of your absence. Unfortunately, we will not be able to reimburse you for the class, but we will send you the class materials so that the child can complete their projects independently. Also, at the next lesson, the child will be able to show his results to the teacher and classmates

If you have problems with the technical side of the class, please contact us. We will try to help you connect. If it is not possible to connect, we will send you materials for the lesson so that the child can complete the task independently

You will be able to contact the teacher or curator of your group in the Camp Organizer program. In the schedule, you can see the teacher’s profile and view his contact number. Also, in your personal account, you can see the contacts of our camp, if it was not possible to contact the teacher

The camera must be turned on during the lesson. The room should be quiet. One child is admitted to the class. If you have multiple children, they need two different accounts in our session. The teacher can mute the microphone if several children are speaking at the same time to give each child a chance to be heard.

During the break between classes (30 minutes), the camera and microphone should be turned off. You can also disconnect during the break and connect later using the previous link.

During class, children should behave politely towards other students. You must not insult other participants, make fun of other people’s works or be rude to the teacher. If a child behaves impolitely, the teacher has the right to remove him during the lesson, and during the break to contact the parent and explain the situation. As soon as the parent conducts an educational conversation, the student can join the class again

Payment questions

After booking a session, we will contact you and send you bank transfer details by post

If you are unable to participate in this session, you can return the payment up to 3 days before the start of the session. It is also possible to postpone the payment of the next session 3 days before the start

We have free classes for Ukrainian children to support them during the war.

Also, if you would like to register several children for the session, we can make a discount. The manager will answer this question in more detail after booking the session

You can use installment terms. After booking a session, you pay 50% of the cost of the lesson. Then, during the first week of the class, you pay the last 50% of the cost

To participate in the session, you need to pay 3 days before the start of the session. If you do not have time to pay for the session, but would like to participate, please contact us. The deadline for session payment is during the first day of the session

If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact us